Our Approach

Our hybrid in-person and remote care model provides a technology-driven high-touch and continuously goal-driven experience for the patients.


Iterative, high-touch follow up care

Managing patient journey towards goals, continuously, and remotely

Reimagining The Healthcare Team

For many chronic conditions, core decisions in medicine can often be made without another in-person visit, especially as new digital tools enable information flow between patients and care teams. Our platform enables these steps to occur at the patient’s convenience without giving up the precision or safety necessary for the best outcomes.

In addition, our technology enables us to deliver care in a predictable and highly reproducible way while ensuring the most effective treatment is identified for each patient.  As a result, we achieve targets within weeks of diagnosis compared with months or years in typical clinical practice. Ultimately, we can continuously improve care as we learn from every encounter and empower patients as full partners in their care.

Our Values


Tranforming access to care

We seek to transform access for all, allowing rapid dissemination of ‘state of the art’ care into any setting and creating a truly learning system for modern healthcare.


Continuously learning Health System

We envision a system where medical care is increasingly convenient, affordable and precise, where historically intractable gaps in knowledge are overcome in parallel with disease management in the real world. This continuous learning benefits everyone by design and can move many aspects of care toward fully informed self-management.


Health care equity

Above all, we value equity in care but recognize that a fundamental reimagination of how healthcare is delivered will be needed to achieve this. As a result, we have embraced innovation across the whole spectrum of care delivery and built a platform that can accommodate and evaluate the very latest advances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Atman work together with the rest of your care team?


We provide your other physicians with systematized reports describing assessments and progress in each of the chronic disease or surveillance programs.

How is this different from other remotely managed care services?


Our approach is software driven and iteratively self-improving to identify what solutions work best for you as an individual. We bring together several decades of experience in clinical care, cardiovascular and metabolic science and machine learning to overcome existing gaps in knowledge.

Do patients need to be technologically sophisticated?


Our solution can work with patients with any level of technological sophistication. We communicate with patients using any channel that is comfortable for them, whether it be text messages, phone calls, or video chats.