Provider groups in value-based arrangements

Our software platform has been designed for provider groups seeking to shift increasing amounts of specialty care to generalists.


Atman Platform

Our vision is that non-procedural specialty care should increasingly be moved to general practitioners via the aid of smart technology. Our software platform equips mid-level providers with the tools to tackle the diagnostic and treatment challenges of specialty medicine – including choice and interpretation of diagnostic tests, initiation and titration of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments, and systematic handling of side effects. Full transparency of reasoning is embedded in the platform to ensure confidence in every decision.

Our services are designed to move the entirety of non-procedural CKM care into the hands of non-specialists, while maintaining specialist level oversight. This has obvious benefits for:

  1. payers in risk-bearing contracts, with members having high rates of CKM disease (C-SNP, I-SNP, D-SNP, PACE)
  2. primary care groups in value-based care arrangements, with high spend on specialty care
  3. cardiology or nephrology practices in traditional fee-for-service or risk-sharing payment models looking to increase capacity for high-value activities (procedures, devices, imaging) by moving other care to mid-level practitioners

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